This is my first post for a long time. Chimneyheart has been a secondary thing as I've had a full plate with my other project The Spy Lodgers. Last year we released two EPs in the Codename: Redacted series, and another one is on its way due to be released in the fall. That is my main project at the moment, but Chimneyheart is still going and I'm recording new material that I hope to release soon. In the mean time, enjoy the Spy Lodgers on Spotify or Youtube! Best, Henrik
I had a great time at the exhibition. Big thanks to everyone who came out! It's going on till the end of September so you can still see it!
Great news! I will exhibit my drawings in Supalife Kiosk art gallery in Berlin/ Prenzlauerberg. I will play a live set on the opening night, the 20th of August. I'm stoked!
Just started recording again what I think will be an EP. Otherwise keeping busy writing and drawing. Here are some stuff from my sketchbook. Songs up soon for a listen!
Here is a picture from a photo shooting outside the studio the other day. Photo by Natalia Svedlund.
Great news! The picture above is from our first little jam session as a quartet. Yes, we ae now 4 people in the band! I just updated the Biography so simply click here. Cheers!
Shiny Brass Knuckles
We had a really good time playing live again and here you can see for yourself. Thanks Nat for filming again! Here is "Shiny Brass Knuckles" for you! I think we need a keyboard player... yes, we are looking for someone who can play the keyboard..!
Hello, on Wednesday the 3rd of June we will play a private party in Stuttgart Wangen and on Saturday the 11th of July we will play in Rock Cafe Böblinen. Come and see us on the 11th, it will be awesome!!!
First post of 2015! Looking forward to working with the band as a trio and playing some shows soon. Yeah!
Der Blogger Eike Klien schreibt in sienem Blog das Klienicum was schönes über meinem letzten Album "Beginning to See the Light". Check it out>>>
I'm happy to announce that my first album "the Colombia songs" is now available on Spotify and will soon be available on i-tunes and Amazon too. I wrote and recorded all these songs on my 4-track tape recorder during my three month stay in Colombia 2005-2006. These songs mean a whole lot to me and I invite everyone to have a listen! Enjoy!
CDs are now available for €16,99 incl. shipping world wide. The CDs are numbered and comes wih a booklet of four drawings printed on nice paper and a Chimneyheart sticker. Purchase here.
Guess what, I've spent a whole lot of time drawing lately so there is lots of new stuff to see under Artwork. I frequently post doodles on Instagram so follow me there if you want to see what's going on in my head(I'm surprised myself sometimes..!) Username: CHMNHRT. Enjoy!
My dear old friend Martin Hedén wrote a lovely review of the new album and I am touched. Tack så himla mycket Martin!(in Swedish) Check it out>>>
In memory of my grandma who would be 96 today I'm so happy to announce that my new album is out and can be purchased from all the major online stores! I invite everyone to have a listen! Today is a day of celebration!!!
D R A W I N G S! Lots of new drwaings >>> And I'm now on TUMBLR too so please follow. Cheers!
dog spitting fire
dancing dogs
New drawings from my trip to Colombia and Chicago. Lots of cactuses and dogs, enjoy!
Album Teaser
Here is a little teaser from the third album. I'm planning on having this baby finished by spring! Enjoy!
dog spitting fire
dancing dogs
Första posten i år... yeah, first post this year!
lost recordings cover
1. Baby Bird
2. Ace
3. Twiay
4. Lied ohne Titel
5. Nine to Five
FIVE previously unreleased songs are put together on this EP! Somehow these songs didn't fit anywhere or they were simply... well, forgotten... or lost..(!) They were recorded at different ocassions in Berlin between 2004 and 2011, but weren't released until... today! Check them out HERE!
dog spitting fire
dancing dogs
upper hand on yourself
the Fire
burning toast
I was away in the south of France for some days and it was very inspiring roaming the same coast the great impressionists once roamed. The burning toast drawing came to me out of the blue on the beaches of Cannes, how about that haha! Check them out!
The Wallscratcher Club London
Here are some videos from the Wallscratcher Club. Enjoy!
X-ray Eyes
A new video for "X-ray Eyes" is up and everyone is cordially invited to check it out.
... More about London! Bernadette Bentley has written a lovely review of the Wallscratcher night. Check it out!
london illustration
wallscracther London pic
And here is... some more stuff from London!
The Wallscratcher, London
I'm back from London and here is a video from the fantastic Wallscratcher night. More videos and pictures will be up soon!
walscratcher Flyer 1
walsscratcher Flyer 2
Super Excited to play in London! Here is the flyer!
album coming soon illustration
The album is coming along fine and at this point it includes nine songs and will be called - Beginning to see the Light -
missing out on fun, lucky charms, minefields around paper walls, old ruins, to the gallows, apple cheeks fanfares, shiny brass knuckles, a starry night, outside my door.
roster and man
Today I have been recording guitars all day and I went home feeling pretty accomplished. The amp was repaired and biased during the time I was away in Colombia and it sounds pretty much the way I want it to sound now. The website has gone through an overhaul and some drawings that I have done lately got scanned today too, so things are going forward. Cheers!
wallscratcher banner
I will play at The Wallscratcher Club in London the 16th of July! This is great news and I'm looking forward to this very much. The extraordinary Lunar Engine will be playing this night too so don't miss out if you are around at that time!
This song came to me out of the blue this morning and as I haven't posted any music here for a while I thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy!
pic 1
pic 2
One afternoon we went to the central cemetary in Bogotá and took some pictures. Another day we went by Yo Reinaré and had a couple of beers. It was quite a coincidence that one of my drawings had the same name as the shop! Well, in Colombia el divino niño is omnipotent...
illustration 1
illustration 2
I just got back from a very inspiring trip to Colombia and here are some drawings from my notebook that I had with me. Enjoy!
illustration 1
illustration 2
illustration 3
Here are some new drawings. The new album/ Ep is on the way... Latest release date will be in June this year. Yes, latest! That is a deadline..(!)