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Chimneyheart are a Indie Rock/ Pop band founded and fronted by Swedsih musician Henrik Svedlund. Chimneyheart were formed in Berlin but are now based in Stuttgart South-West Germany.

Chimneyheart were founded when the singer-songwriter Henrik Svedlund moved from Stockholm to Berlin in 2004. Creativity really kicked off in his new hometown which offered so much artistic freedom and inspiration. There seemed to be no rules at all and even a place for everyone to do whatever they wanted. He spent most of the time playing guitar, writing songs and drawing. A lot of the songs for the second album "to the place you come from" were written during this time.

In search for more adventure and inspiration he spent three months traveling around Colombia in 2006. There he wrote and produced the first Chimneyheart album "the Colombia songs", which was recorded on a four-track cassette recorder.

In 2011 Henrik relocated from Berlin to Stuttgart where he met Ketcho, a drummer from Macedonia who just had moved out from Skopje. Together they started making arrangements for songs that ended up on the third album "Beginning to see the Light" which was released in May 2014.

Chimneyheart are still based in Stuttgart and has now grown to a four member band.

Henrik Svedlund: Songwriter, music production, art/ graphics, guitar and vocals.

Ketcho: Drums.