to the place you come from

"Beginning to see the light" (2014)
1. Missing Out On Fun
2. Outside my Door
3. A Starry Night
4. Shiny Brass Knuckles
5. Minefields
6. Lucky Charms
7. To the Gallows
8. Apple Cheeks Fanfares
9. Ruins
10. Pictures of the Dead

Numbered CD-rs with 4 drawings in a booklet

"Beginning to see the Light" incl. shipping

to the place you come from
"to the place you come from" (2011)
1. Round The Bend
2. Voodoo
3. Waiting
4. 39-Spacemen
5. Nighttime Driving (Radio Edit)
6. Quitting You Sunshine
7. Saturday Night Ditty
8. A Good Time Is Gone

250 numbered CD-rs
"Beginning to see the Light" incl. shipping

chimneyheart ep
"The Chimneyheart Ep" (2008)
1. Broken heart tattoo
2. Nighttime driving
3. Shock me
4. X-ray eyes

Chimneyheart EP incl. shipping

the colombia songs
"the Colombia songs" (2006)
1. mosquito bite
2. a smile & a shoeshine
3. the great zoo escape
4. nighttime driving(version#1)
5. poker cheat
6. space rocket
7. I know not to be a fool
8. a small house by the sea
9. talking with a rastaman
10. daddy loves you
11. 10-ton misery

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